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Bound Area scene #4

When captor has his prey tightly bound, there is no need to flirt or anything else. No wasting time on foreplay either – he can start having fun right away. He knew this pretty boy for some time, but never had a chance o talk to him. After a while he decided not to waste time trying to hit on him and simply abducted his sorry ass and now he’s about to teach that boy a lesson in obedience!


Bound Area scene #2

Look at that ass being fingered! What a lovely shape that’s inviting you for a night filled with fun plays. This young guy is a real man-whore and you will see him tied and fucked in every way imaginable. Fingering will turn into ass fisting, gentle patting will become spanking and after a very entertaining time, his asshole will be covered by a freshly squeezed cum!